About Us

Hello!  And welcome to EarnVerse!

This site details the journey of me and my family as we try to get our butts in gear to get our financial house in order.  This site is my accountability tool, note repository, and maybe the occasional therapist.  I am not writing this to offer advice, declare the best way to do something, or tell you how to live your life.  This is OUR journey.  You are welcome to follow along!

Much Luv,



A (not so) brief history…

My husband and I met in college (OMG we were practically babies!).  Neither of us came from wealthy families, so our college years were spent working multiple jobs, eating Ramen and taking on ridiculous amounts of student loans.  Post graduation we moved in together (ssshhhhhh!  Don’t tell my parents!).  This was largely due to the fact that I paid more in student loans than my parents paid on their mortgage, I was flat broke, needed a roommate, and this man happened to like me.  During our blissful roommate phase we both tackled debt (I took on a second job), started to stash some cash, and voraciously read any and every personal finance book, blog, etc..we could get our hands on.  We were happy!

Then we got married…(I maintain that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful things you can put a relationship through!  This is true esp. If you are the ones footing the bill!)…We paid cash, we took a month off for a honeymoon…again, happy!  But WHILE ON OUR HONEYMOON my husband throws me for one helluva loop.  He wants to quit his well-paying job so he can start his own business!!!  Fine.  But if he is going to do that, I want to go to business school (WOOT! Bring on the student loans).  And not just any business school…I want to go to a top ten program (even more debt, yeah!).  I want to study finance (this is cool).  And then I want to work and live in NYC (could I be throwing more money away!?!?!!).  I mean…I had to one up him on the crazy risk factor…am I right?

Lofty goals.  Big risks.  And we did it all.  My husband started his own gig, sold it, and it still operates today.  We didn’t strike it rich, but we didn’t eat it too badly on the deal either.  I went to B-School at my top choice, and then I went to work in finance in the Big Apple.  Everything was great!!!!  Except for the lack of funds living in NYC (OMG rent!), the crrraaaaazzzzzyyyy work hours that we were putting in (I didn’t have a day off in over 5 months and I am pretty sure there are pictures of me somewhere scarfing down cookies and coffee at 2am while at my desk trying to stay awake…a regular occurrence), and the fact that we decided to start a family…And daaaang did that happen quick!

Now I am a planner.  I like numbers.  I like spreadsheets.  I like everything in my house to have a place and be perfect.  I may be a bit OCD…And BAAAM!  No sooner did we decide to think about, maybe, possibly having a kiddo, than we were preggers (#blessed).  So clearly, we needed to pack up our bags, quit our crazy demanding jobs, move 3,000 miles to be close to family and start over.  

And that’s where we are folks…We are starting over.  Our twenties were full of action, risk and adventure.  We don’t have much (cough…in the bank…cough) to show for it, except a great education for us both.  We now have two new, well paying jobs with a solid work-life balance, the happiest little boy, like, ever.  Again…#blessed.  It’s just time to build (finally and/or about time) the solid financial foundation we want for ourselves and our growing little family.  

So let’s get started…